Our Faith

We are listening to God, who is still speaking today.

We try our best to welcome and include everyone. This is because we believe in one God who created us all in the splendor of human diversity.

We offer the peace of Christ with others, we share around the communion table and baptize adults and children in the name of the Trinity, and we pray in the name of Jesus. Jesus is not just our teacher, but our brother, friend, and savior as well.

We experience the power of God’s Spirit in our relationships with one another and in joining together with each other to extend love and welcome to all people.

We know the stories of the Bible are still alive and are playing out in our personal experiences each day, and that God is present to all the joy and messiness of human life.

We welcome you with all your questions, all your faith and doubt, all your joys and sorrows, as God welcomes us all.

We are part of a larger family of faith called the United Church of Christ, a denomination founded on the principles of unity and inclusion. Learn more about them by clicking here