What to Expect


When you park, you’ll see a couple of entrances to our space. We invite you to make your way down to the back door of the sanctuary if you park in the upper lot, or to the front glass doors if you park in our lower lot.



When you enter our worship space, you’ll come into our entrance area where one of our greeters will welcome you and help you settle in.


Settle In

You’ll receive a bulletin which contains everything you need in order to participate to the full in our liturgy, and we invite you to spend some time centering yourself quietly in our space, where you’ll see rich fabrics, tapestries, stained glass, and iconography to help you enter deeply into our sacred time together.



Our Worship Service begins at 10:30 am.



Music serves as a guide and a friend throughout worship. Sometimes we sing along to a triumphant organ blast. Sometimes we sing contemplatively with a soulful piano. Music accompanies us into prayer and gives us words to “pray twice,” as a wise person once said.

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We hear the ancient words of those who put our sacred story to paper, passages from the Bible that are often chosen from a guide called the lectionary. Then through both children’s time and a sermon, we question, connect with, and discover how God is speaking to us today. We are often challenged, often comforted, and we always find hope.



In each service, we take time to act on what we’ve heard through prayer, giving, and singing as we bundle up each of our individual stories into the unfolding story of God’s goodness.



On the first Sunday of each month and on special occasions, we gather at Christ’s table of welcome to receive the Eucharist, also known as Communion or the Lord’s Supper. At Pilgrim UCC, everyone is welcome to receive communion. We use non-alcoholic wine and have gluten-free bread available.

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After we’ve responded, we sing once more before we are blessed and sent out to continue our worship through our work in the world, making God’s dream of a healed world a reality.

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