Worship With Us

In worship, we meet God and God meets us in the stories we hear, the words we pray, and in the meal we share with one another.

We worship together on Sundays at 10:30AM. We follow an ancient pattern of worship that is as alive and relevant today as it was to the first followers of Jesus. We gather with prayers and singing, listen to stories from the Hebrew Bible and the writings of the New Testament, hear how the story of God's people in history intersects with our lives today, and respond to God's call to journey forward through praying for our needs and the needs of the world.

We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month, sharing again the meal that Jesus shared with his friends on the night before he died. Jesus shows up in new ways each time we celebrate; he is our host and we are his guests! No matter what you believe about Holy Communion or what you believe about God, faith, or anything else, you are welcome to eat and drink with us because we believe God's dream is to see all people at the banquet table.

Throughout the year we mark special times through changes in the colors, fabrics, and symbols that enliven our worship space. These symbols mark different parts of our journey together through the year. We celebrate where we have come from and where we are going through our sacraments of baptism and communion. We also celebrate important parts of our life together through confession & reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, and anointing for healing.

Kids are an important part of our community and are as much a part of the church as the grown-ups! On the first and third Sundays of the month, kids are invited to worship with their families in the sanctuary. On the second and fourth Sundays of the month, there is a special space for kids to worship through play and story called Bible Boulevard! We also have crib and nursery facilities for little guys who need a break.